ShortPoint Table Design Element is receiving some important and long-waited updates since version 6.5.x.x for online and 6.6.x.x for on-premise environments. We have introduced the full-fledged Connect feature into the element as enabled column renaming. To have a closer look of the new Table Element, please read this article further.

Adding a Table to SharePoint, Office 365 and SAP Intranet Sites

The ShortPoint Table can be easily added to your SharePoint and SAP pages using ShortPoint Page Builder: 

The Table works only if it is connected to a data source. Select a connection from the Connect tab:

After you have chosen your preferred type of connection, press Connect.

And afterwards, press the Insert button: 

The Table will be added to your page:



The size control will define how many items will be displayed in a single page inside the table element.


allows you to change table style.





Table Width:

Background Color:

will change the table background color.

Text Color:

will change the table text color.

Header Text Color:

will change the table header text color.

Border Size:


Shows columns header.

Columns Titles:

Sets table columns titles with a space and comma separation.


Link Column:

Adds a reference link to the original SharePoint List Item to the selected column.