If you are using Slack as a collaboration tool in your organization and would like to launch a user chat window directly from ShortPoint, follow below step-by-step guide to do so. 

Step 1: Add ShortPoint Tiles Element

Note: For this example we use ShortPoint Tiles Element, but any other ShortPoint element containing a Link field can be used.

Step 2: Open Tiles (Items) Tab and add your items

Note: In other ShortPoint Elements, you will have Items tab instead of Tiles tab.

Step 3: Obtain Slack Team ID

Step 4: Obtain Slack Team member ID

  • Select User in Slack
  • Open user profile
  • Click on More actions button (button with "…")
  • Click  Copy member ID:

Step 5: Fill in the Link property 


where {TEAM_ID} is a slack Team ID and {USER_ID} is a slack Team member ID.

Step 6: Click Insert

Step 7: Save the page and check the result 

Happy chatting!

That's it!

For more information about setting Slack links see Deep linking into Slack clients.