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How to Connect ShortPoint with Custom User Profile Property Using People Search Connection


  • You are using SharePoint online (Office 365) environment
  • You have a custom user profile property either synced from your Active Directory or created from SharePoint Online admin portal and you want to show it in ShortPoint using People Search.  

Step 1: Create custom property.

If you do not have a custom user profile property follow the instruction in article How to Create Custom User Profile Property Using SharePoint Online

Step 2: Make sure that your custom property is Indexed and is visible to Everyone (Search and Policy settings)

Step 3: Open Classic features on SharePoint admin portal 

Replace the YourTennantName in the following url with the name of your SharePoint online environment and open it in a browser.

Click on Classic features on the left menu section:

Step 4: Click on Open button under Search section

Step 4: Click on Manage Search Schema

Step 5: Click on Crawled Properties

Filter crawled properties by the name of your custom properties. 

The crawled property name which we are searching for will be in the following format: People:YourPropertyName

If your custom property has just been created, most likely you will not be able to find crawled property for your field. 

The crawled properties are created by SharePoint Search engine during the scheduled crawling process.

For SharePoint online User Profile crawling is scheduled to run every 6 hours (SharePoint Online Search)

For SharePoint on-premise you can configure the frequency of the crawl process running (SharePoint Search: manage continuous crawls)

Step 5: When Crawled property appears, we can create Managed property. 

Managed property is a property which we can be retrieved by making a call to SharePoint Search REST API.  

For some field types SharePoint creates Managed property automatically during the crawl process (Autogenerated managed properties in Sharepoint). 
In this case please check if your managed property is Searchable, Queryable and Retrievable and go to the step #9. 

Click on Managed properties and then click on New Managed Property 

Step 6: Fill the name of Managed property (this name will be used in search query) and field type

Step 7: Configure mappings to crawled properties

Step 7.1: Click on Add a mapping 

Step 7.2: Fill the name of the crawled property which we are searching for and click on Find button

Step 7.3: Select property from the list and click OK

Step 8: Make sure that the following checkboxes are checked for a Managed property 
  • Searchable

  • Queryable

  • Retrievable

And click OK button to create a property.


Step 9: Now let’s retrieve user profile property with ShortPoint Connection.

If you have just created managed property, you will not be able to retrieve it until the next scheduled crawling process ends. 

Step 9.1: Open ShortPoint page builder and select List component

Step 9.2: Open Connect tab.

Step 9.3: Select connection type: REST API

Step 9.4: Fill REST API URL with following:


Step 9.5: Replace <webSiteUrl> with your website url and <ManagedPropertiesToRetrive> with names of managed properties which you want to retrieve in comma separated format

Step 9.6: Click on Connect button

Step 9.7: Open Content tab

Step 9.8: Fill content to display.

You can add value from managed properties from the dropdown which is located above top right corner of the content editor.

Step 9.9: Click on Preview button to see the results

After you have checked if everything works, press Insert to add the element to the page or Back to continue setting it up.

That's it!

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