SharePoint Site URL is a connection type that allows you to display data from a SharePoint site by specifying its URL. This connection type is useful if you are not able to find the site you are looking for when using Other Sites connection type or if you know the exact URL to the target site and do not need to find it in Other Sites.

Step 1: Insert a Design Element

You can choose an element that is best for you. In this example, we will use a Simple List. However, the procedure will be pretty much the same with other suitable design elements.

Please open the page in edit mode, choose the Insert tab on the top and press Insert. Choose the element you would like to use. Press the blue Insert button on the bottom, and it will appear on the page in edit mode:

Step 2: Set Up the Connection

  1. Select SharePoint Site Url  in  Select Connection Type

  2. Type the site collection, site or sub-site URL in the text box and click on Fetch lists button

    If you receive the following error:
    Please check this article

  3. Select a list from the List / Library  drop down list

  4. Select a view from the View  list

  5. Select the maximum number of items to be displayed (Optional)

  6. Click Connect button