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Connection Type: Getting Started with SharePoint Site URL

This article is deprecated. Please continue to this article if you would like to obtain more information about this connection type: Connection Type: SharePoint Site URL.

Use this connection type to connect to other site in your tenant/farm having same domain.

SharePoint Site URL Connection Overview

Platforms supported

  • Since version 6.5.x.xx: SharePoint Online and SharePoint 2019.
  • Coming soon: SharePoint On-Premise 2013/2016.

Check this article for more information on the feature: Connection Type: SharePoint Site URL.

Step 1: Insert a Design Element

Insert ShortPoint Image Titles design element. Please open the page in edit mode, choose the Insert tab on the top and press Insert. Choose the element you would like to use. Press the blue Insert button on the bottom, and it will appear on the page in edit mode:

Note: For this article we have chosen to add Image Titles however you can add any ShortPoint design element here.

Step 2: Set Up the Connection

  • Select SharePoint Site URL  in  Select Connection Type:

  • Type the site collection, site or sub-site URL in the text box and click on Fetch lists button:

Note: If you receive the following error:
Please check this article.

  • Select a list from the List / Library  drop down list:

  • Select a view from the View  list:

  • Select the maximum number of items to be displayed (this step is optional):

  • Click the Connect button:

  • Map list columns:

  • Click the Preview button:

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