You have AD group synced to your SharePoint Server or SharePoint Online (Office 365) and you would want to use SharePoint Visibility feature to make it visible to users of specific AD Group.

At present, it is not possible to set ShortPoint element's visibility to any of the Active Directory Security Group.


 By design, SharePoint does not allow the developers to drill down in given AD Group and iterate through the users of it. That means, if any of the ShortPoint designer sets visibility to any AD Group, ShortPoint needs a way to go though its users to make sure if current logged in user is falling under visibility policy which is not possible. 


You need to create a SharePoint User Group in your SharePoint site and you need to be able to sync these AD Group users to that SharePoint User Group. Once the sync is established, you can simply set the visibility to that SharePoint User Group. 


Note: Adding the AD Group to SharePoint Group simply will not work. Each users needs to be added to SharePoint Group inorder to make the visibility settings to work.