We are glad to release a new version ShortPoint SPFx! 

We are sure you will love the new ShortPoint Modern Theme Builder and we would love to hear from you too. 

Before you get to the whole new world, we need to inform you a few things:

Delete old ShortPoint SPFx app from App Catalog

Due to change in Microsoft SPFx framework, you need to delete the old ShortPoint SPFx App from your App Catalog before you upload the new one.

Color Palette's Primary Color effect on your Classic Sites

If you start with Modern Theme Builder, changed the primary color and then published the new theme, it will change the color theme on both modern and classic pages in the same site. So if you have already used ShortPoint theme builder to publish new theme on the classic site, you need to add the same colors on modern site before you publish. Otherwise, you will lose your old colors.

So Why this happens?

Because ShortPoint Modern Theme Builder utilizes Microsoft site theming, which applies the colors on both Classic and Modern pages on your site.

Our recommendations?

To apply a proper branding on your site for both Modern and Classic experiences, please check the Best practices to use ShortPoint Theme Builder on sites with Classic and Modern pages

Changed Colors might not appear immediately after Publishing from Modern Theme Builder

If you have changed the colors and do a publish from the Modern Theme Builder, your site visitors will not see the affected immediately and will need to wait or refresh their page in order to see the newly applied colors.

Why does this happen?

Because sometimes SharePoint is still caching the old Theme and Colors, it needs a couple of page refreshes or waits a few more minutes to overcome this issue, and your new colors will appear.

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