For changing the hover color of the ShortPoint Link design element, please do the following steps from this tutorial.

Here what we can expect by the end of this tutorial:

STEP 1. Create a parent element with the Link element

 The parent element will be the element into which your Link element is inserted into. For example, this can be a Section:


Or another ShortPoint element, like Accordions, or Toggles, or Panel, like in this example:


STEP 2. Open the settings of the parent element

You need to open the settings of the parent element and switch to the Custom CSS tab. There, you need to paste the following code:

.shortpoint-btn-link:hover, .shortpoint-btn-link:focus {
    color: yellow !important;

Note: Please change the color "yellow" to any color of your preference (you can use hex color codes as well).

Note 2: If there will be multiple Links in the same patent element, the hover color on all of them will change.


Press the Update button and save the page. 

The hover color of the Link will change to the one you have indicated.

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