If you would like to link an element that drops the page to a specific section of the page, please check this tutorial.

Important: this solution only works for the elements and sections of the same page.

NOTE: It is also possible to connect an element with the other element, using the same steps.

Here what you can expect by the end of this tutorial:

Now let's start!

STEP 1. Customize the linking element.

On the top of your page, you need an element that will direct you to the needed Section.  In our example it is the Tiles element (but also it can be the Button, Link elements). Go to the settings of the element and in the Tiles tab find the Link field and insert: #scrollHere

STEP 2. Add an ID to the Section.

Now we need to customize the settings of the Section which we want to see after clicking on the linking element.  In our case it is a Section with a Contact information. In the Settings of the Section, select Custom CSS tab and in the ID field insert:  scrollHere

Once you do this, click on Update button and your elements will be linked now.

NOTE: You can link other elements of a page, but their ID should be different (e.g. scrollHere1, scrollHere2 etc.)

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