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How to Find the LinkedIn Company ID for the ShortPoint LinkedIn Follow Company Component

This article is deprecated and no longer valid. 

You can check our article about LinkedIn Design Element here: Introducing ShortPoint LinkedIn Design Element.

You want to embed a ShortPoint LinkedIn follow company component into your page.

To find your company ID please either contact your LinkedIn Company administrator for the information or do the following: 

  1. Access the LinkedIn website and sign in.
  2. Search for your company using the form at the top of the web application.
  3. Hover over the company name in the search results. You should see a link appear in the bottom left corner of your browser's window, like so:
  4. Your company ID is the number located after /company/, which in our case would be 5133299.
  5. If you want to extract that number, right click on the company link, and click on Copy Link Address. In your clipboard, the URL you have copied should have the following format:
  6. Extract the company ID by copying the number found after /company/ and ending before the following forward slash. Ignore all the other parameters as those are irrelevant right now. In our case, again, the company ID would be 5133299.
  7. Copy this number and insert it in the Company ID field of the ShortPoint Linkedin follow company element.

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