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Connect ShortPoint with SharePoint Global or Side Navigation (Quick Launch)

This article will demonstrate how to connect a Design Element to your SharePoint Quick Launch. 

connected quick launch

NOTEIf you are using a Team Site, the quick launch navigation can be found on the side of your pagr:

team site quick launch

If you use a Communication Site, the quick launch navigation can be found at the top of your page:

communication site quick launch



  • You must have the latest version of ShortPoint installed on your SharePoint environment.
  • You must be a ShortPoint Designer with an active license.
  • You must have the Design Element you want to use to connect on your page.

Step-by-step Tutorial

Follow the steps below to learn how to connect a Design Element to your Quick Launch navigation:

Step 1: Edit your SharePoint page

Go to the SharePoint page you want to use and click Edit:


Then, click the ShortPoint tag:

ShortPoint tag

Select the pencil icon:

pencil icon

NOTEBefore proceeding, make sure you already have the Design Element you want to use to connect to your page. For example, we will use the Tiles Design Element for this tutorial:

tiles design element

Step 2: Switch to Grid Mode

Then, click the Switch to Grid Mode icon:

Switch to grid mode icon

NOTEThe ShortPoint Connect feature is currently only available in Grid Mode.

Look for the ShortPoint Design Element you want to use and click the cogwheel icon:

cogwheel icon

Step 3: Connect your ShortPoint Element to ShortPoint REST API

Switch to the Connect tab:

Connect tab

Select REST API:


NOTECheck out Connection Type: REST API to learn more about the REST API connection.

Copy the code below:

<Site Url>/_api/navigation/menustate

Paste the code  in the REST API URL field and Replace <Site Collection Url> with your site’s URL:

paste code

Step 4: Enable Advanced Settings and Add Map Results

Scroll down and toggle on Enable Advanced Settings:

Enable Advanced Settings

Then, copy the code below:

return data.d.MenuState.Nodes.results;

Look for the Map Results field and paste the copied code:

Map results

Click Connect:


Step 5: Map Items to display

Navigate to the Items or Tiles tab (this will depend on the Design Element you used):

Tiles tab

Then, delete all default content:

delete default content

Click the link icon under the Title field and select Title:


Under the Link field, click the link icon and select SimpleUrl:

Simple URL

NOTETo learn more about items mapping, check out ShortPoint Connect: Basic Tutorial.

In the Linking Options field, select the option you prefer:

Linking Options

NOTETo learn more about Linking Options, check out Types of Linking Options.

Step 6: Update and Save

Once done, click Update:


Click the eye icon to see your page in real-time:

eye icon

Once satisfied, click Save to apply all your changes:


That’s it! You now have a ShortPoint Design Element that is connected to the Quick Launch navigation.

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