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Connect ShortPoint with SharePoint Global or Side Navigation (Quick Launch)

You can connect SharePoint navigation elements to ShortPoint using REST API.

ShortPoint connected to Quick Launch (Side Navigation) and Global Navigation

Steps to connect ShortPoint to SharePoint Navigation

For demonstrating in this article, we are going to connect SharePoint navigation with Link element, however this is not limited to links. You can connect SharePoint navigation with any ShortPoint element.

Step 1: Connect your ShortPoint Element to ShortPoint REST API

Add link ShortPoint to your page and go to Connect Tab

Select REST API connect and provide following URL to connect with 

Option 1: Quick Launch / Side Navigation

<Site Url>/_api/navigation/menustate

<Site Url>:  replace with URL of your site 

Option 2: Global Navigation

<Site Url>/_api/navigation/menustate?mapprovidername='GlobalNavigationSwitchableProvider'

<Site Url>:  replace with URL of your site 

Step 2: Extract the navigation from the result returned

While the connect tab is selected, scroll down and enable the option called Enable Advanced Settings and provide following code in Map Results function

return data.d.MenuState.Nodes.results;

Click Connect button

That's it, now you should be able to use Title and SimpleUrl fields in your mapping area as shown below:

Happy connecting!

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