Before We Begin

This article is for SharePoint 2019 Server.

Make sure you have completed the previous step:

Step 1: Go to site content

Open the Site contents of the site where you want to install ShortPoint SPFx on

Click on the cog wheel in the Suite Bar and choose Site Contents from the drop-down:

Step 2: Add ShortPoint SPFx

  • in Classic Experience, click Add an App:

  • in Modern Experience, click (1) New, and from the drop-down, choose (2) App:

Under Apps you can add, click ShortPoint SPFx:

After clicking, you will be taken back to Site Contents, and you will see a ShortPoint SPFx dimmed icon appeared on the list. 

  • it will look like this in Classic Experience:

  • and like this, in Modern Experience:

Step 3: Verification

Verify ShortPoint SPFx Added to Site Contents

Wait for a little, and then refresh the page. You will see two new items in Site Contents: ShortPoint SPFx and ShortPoint SPFx - Install Now!, like in the screenshot below.

If you see both of the items in Site Contents, it means that you have finished Installation Step 2 successfully. Congrats!

Here is how it will look like:

  • in Modern Experience:

  • in Classic Experience:

LAST STEP: Run ShortPoint Installation from Dashboard (1 minute)