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How to Open Documents in a Client Application in SharePoint Online

By default, in SharePoint Online, the documents are opened in the browser. Therefore, the same happens with connected ShortPoint design elements.

If you would like to change these settings and make the documents open locally, in a client application installed on a user's computer (for example, an .xlsx spreadsheet on a local MS Excel application), then you need to do the following:

STEP 1. Disable the Browser Mode

You can do it either for a specific SharePoint document library, or at the Site Collection level.

- on a Document Library level:

Open the library, click Library Settings in the Ribbon:


Click Advanced Settings:


Under Open Documents in the Browser, choose Open in the client application:


Press OK tosave the changes.

- on a Site Collection level:

Open Site Settings:


Click Site Collection Features:


Activate Open Documents in Client Applications by Default:


STEP 2. Connect

Connect a ShortPoint element to the document library properly. For a complete reference on ShortPoint connect please visit this article: ShortPoint Connect: Basic Tutorial

While mapping, you need to choose URL Path as a document link:


That's it, now your documents presented in ShortPoint elements will open in a client application.

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