Please note: this article is old and dedicated to a ShortPoint version that is currently outdated.

Before we begin

This article is for you if:

  1. You have Office 365 or SharePoint 2019 Environments
  2. You have installed ShortPoint SPFx version
  3. You want to upgrade to the latest version of ShortPoint SPFx
  4. Important: Once after App is deleted and until new ShortPoint version 6.2.x.x is uploaded to App Catalog site, users will not be able to see ShortPoint elements on the Modern page (Classic pages will still work though). Please rest assured that no data is deleted, its only ShortPoint will not function on the page. So we recommend performing this action at off hours.

Delete ShortPoint SPFx version from App Catalog

This is required due to some framework changes in SharePoint SPFx. You need to delete the old ShortPoint SPFx version from the app catalog and add the new one. This won't be required again in the future updates.

You will not lose any data, and ShortPoint functionality will not be impacted whatsoever. After you delete the app, you will not be able to add ShortPoint to any new site. But you will be able to do that after you upload the new version of ShortPoint SPFx

Step 1: Check existing ShortPoint App is

Important: You should have one ShortPoint SPFx file with version

Step 2: Delete ShortPoint SPFx

Delete ShortPoint SPFx app version (shortpoint-spfx.sppkg)

Confirm deletion 


Upload new ShortPoint SPFx to 

Tenant App Catalog


Site Collection App Catalog