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Update Step 1: Upload New ShortPoint SPFx to Tenant App Catalog in Office 365 (New Upgrade)

If you are reading this article, then you are probably trying to switch to the ShortPoint New Upgrade on your Office 365 environment. Uploading new ShortPoint SPFx file to the App Catalog is a requirement for you to be able to proceed with the succeeding steps that you are going to perform. 

Note: Here is where you can see how the ShortPoint SPFx New Upgrade for Office 365 and SharePoint 2019 work for your SharePoint sites and what it is for. 

Let's get started! 


Before we begin

Step 1: Login to your Office 365 Admin Center

Login to your Office 365 Admin Center page with an administrator account, then choose Admin:

Login to your O365 admin site

Step 2: Go to SharePoint Admin Center

Once you are logged in to the O365 Admin Center, locate the SharePoint Admin Center on the left side panel by clicking Show All

Click Show All

Then, choose SharePoint under the Admin Center section:

Choose SharePoint

Step 3: Open App Catalog page

To open the App Catalog page, click More features on the left side panel:

Click More Features

Click the Open button under the Apps section:

Click Open, under Apps

Click the App Catalog:

Click App Catalog

Step 4: Open Apps for SharePoint

Click Apps for SharePoint to redirect you to the final page:

Click Apps for SharePoint

Step 5: Delete the ShortPoint SPFx version currently installed

To delete the currently installed version uploaded to your site, click the ellipsis button to show other options (1), click the ellipsis button again beside Share (2) and lastly, click Delete.

Delete the currently installed ShortPoint version
Step 6: Upload ShortPoint SPFx to App Catalog

If you haven't downloaded the latest version of ShortPoint SPFx or the required ShortPoint package to switch to the New Upgrade, you may check the Before we begin part of this article. But if you already have the ShortPoint package downloaded, you may extract the files inside it. 

IMPORTANT:  After extracting,  you will find the shortpoint-spfx.sppkg file. Kindly save this file in your Computer where you can easily locate it, as this is the file that we need to upload in the SharePoint App Catalog page.

To begin uploading the new ShortPoint SPFx, click the Upload button:

Click the Upload button

Once the Upload button is clicked, a pop-up will show which will ask you to choose files: 

Click Choose File

From your computer, choose the shortpoint-spfx.sppkg (1) file. Then, click Open (2).

Choose the ShortPoint Package and click Open

NOTE: It is important to select the .sppkg file, and not the folder that contains it.

Click OK in the pop-up window to confirm the file selection: 

Click OK to proceed

NOTE: If you are encountering issues with uploading the new ShortPoint package to the App catalog, you may check this I Cannot Upload ShortPoint App to SharePoint App Catalog article that will discuss how to fix this issue. 

If you are also encountering an error message about the tenant admin approval, you may check the Cannot enable the site collection app catalog feature in this site collection because it has not been approved by the tenant admin to help you resolve this error.

After the upload has been completed successfully, you will be prompted to deploy the solution. Press Deploy to enable ShortPoint to download the latest files from our global CDN

Click Deploy


If you are seeing the green indicator at the top, then it means that the upload has been successful.

Green light will indicate successful installation

IMPORTANT:  Please make sure that you will see ShortPoint SPFx in a Deployed status.

Deploy status should say YES
To verify if you have successfully upgraded to the latest version without any old traces, you may check Verify If ShortPoint Upgrade Successfully from to the latest release.

NOTE: Here is an article from Microsoft that would tell you additional information on how to  Manage apps using the App Catalog.

Next Step: Update ShortPoint SPFx on your SharePoint site

You are now done with the first part of this tutorial. You may proceed to next phase by clicking the article below that matches your environment: 

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