As we keep getting inquiries around pricing information about ShortPoint Power BI Integration, we decided to make a separate article to explain the cost involved in using Power BI Reports and integrating it to your SharePoint environment using ShortPoint Power BI integration.

How much ShortPoint charge for Power BI integration?

ShortPoint does not charge anything extra to integrate Power BI report to your SharePoint environment. All you need is a standard ShortPoint license to use Power BI integration. 

Do I need Modern SharePoint to use ShortPoint Power BI Integration?

No, you can use any SharePoint experience (classic / modern) and any SharePoint platform (Online / On-premise).

How many Power BI Pro license we require to embed Power BI Reports to our SharePoint environment?

As explained in our integration options article, you can either go with Option 1: Logged In User Account Integration or Option 2: Master Power BI Pro Account Integration depending on how many users are going to view your Power BI report. 

How much Power BI Pro license and Power BI Embedded capacity cost?

These license are provided by Microsoft and all the pricing information are subject to change. We recommend having a look at Power BI Pro pricing page and Power BI Embedded pricing information page for more information.