If you are connecting to a library that contain some Office365 documents (e.g: A Microsoft Word or Microsoft Power Point Document), it will be handy if you can let your users see a preview of the document (preview or open the Word/Power Point document in the browser), without requiring them to leave your site, and we are here to tell you how to do this.

Before we start:

  • This article assumes that you have a fair background of how to use the ShortPoint Connect feature, if you do not, you can learn more about the Connect Feature in this article (ShortPoint Connect: Basic Tutorial).
  • Steps mentioned in this article works on Office365 environment, however if you are running ShortPoint on an On-Premise environments, you need to have Office Web Apps configured on your On-Premise environment.

Step 1: Connect to the Document Library

From the Connect tab, Choose your Connection Type, your Document Library, your desired view, and then click on Connect.

Step 2: Map the Link field with the Document Preview column

After connecting to your document library, you need to switch back to the Items tab, and map the following fields:

  • map the Link field with the Document Preview column.
  • (optional) In the linking options control choose the lightbox option