You can easily embed any Facebook page to your SharePoint pages using the following steps:

  1. Get the embed code from Facebook page plugins.
  2. Paste the code in code embed web part in SharePoint or ShortPoint Generator Element.
  3. Insert the Webpart or ShortPoint design elements to any page.
  4. Customize layout using ShortPoint Sections and Panels.

Steps Explained in details

Step 1: Get your Facebook code from Facebook page plugins

Note: Better to add width if you face issues with the size of the page in your SharePoint page. I used 300px in this article.

Select IFrame and then copy the entire code

Step 2: Insert Section ShortPoint to SharePoint Page

You need to add the Section design element, to control where the Facebook page will appear in your SharePoint Page.

Your page should look like this in edit mode:

Change the layout of the section or rows the way you want. In this article, I will add one column to the row:

Your page in edit will look like this now:

You can always resize and change the columns:

Step 3: Insert Embed Code

Paste the code you copied from Facebook page plugin. Then click Insert:

Step 4: Save your page