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Known Issue: Not all members of Distribution Group visible in your People Search's Member Of filter

If you are using ShortPoint Connect to People Search's Member Of filter and you are not seeing all the member of selected distribution group (Active Directory Security Group), this article is for you!

Reasons and Solutions



Search Crawl not executed yet
If the user is added to group recently or AD sync has happened recently we recommend to wait for up to 8 hours and try again.

If still it doesn't work and it isn't following in below point it would be great to open ticket from your Office 365 tenant  about search isn't crawling as expected.
Special Characters in your Distribution Group name
When your Distribution Group / AD Security Group contains any of below special character, it will be treated as white space and your search will not work as expected (Sometimes missing people or no people at all);

comma (","), semicolon (";"), colon (":"), period ("."), minus ("-"), underline ("_"), or forward slash ("/") 


  • If possible, do not use any of above letter in your group name 
  • Use a \ (backward slash) before your special characters in advance query as shown below

  • Try using wildcard entry (*) in group name as shown below (Don't forget to remove equals)

Other problems
If you still face issue with it, we would like to have a look at it and fix it for you.

Create support ticket Related image

Thank you for your attention!

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