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Known Issue: ShortPoint File Picker for Modern SharePoint Is Not Available on IE


With the new support of Modern Sites and the SPFx framework, ShortPoint has introduced a new File Picker component that helps you pick up an image or, a video or an asset from your site easily, you can see how it looks in the following figure.

Similar to the out of the box File Picker we had for Add-In and On-Premise solutions with the same functionality but this time with a brand new design and experience.


The problem here with this little component, is that it will not work if you're designing your page from Internet Explorer browser ( IE ), and unfortunately the reason for this is not something that we have control over. as there's an issue currently from Microsoft on their SPFx platform that is causing our little File Picker to break.

The good thing here, is that Microsoft SPFx team is working on this issue, and as soon as they get it resolved, we will enable the File Picker back into ShortPoint for all of our IE lovely users.

Note: While ShortPoint designs should work flawlessly on all browsers including IE, we do always recommend using Google Chrome or Firefox when you are designing your pages


To workaround this limitation, all you have to do is to open the exact page you're designing from another browser, 

The File Picker component will work on all Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera and Safari browsers.

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