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ShortPoint SPFx - Missing / Deleted ShortPoint Dashboard from Site Contents


This article is for you if you have accidentally deleted ShortPoint Dashboard or you don't see ShortPoint SPFx - Install Now! link in your site content.


Step 1: Make sure scripting capabilities are enabled on your site

Yes, it is required to have scripting capabilities enabled for making the list templates link available to your site settings. Please follow Enabling scripting capabilities (SPFx) in Office 365 article to do so.

Step 2: Navigate to List Templates gallery and upload the ShortPoint Dashboard.stp file there

Please download a copy of ShortPoint Dashboard list and upload to list templates gallery as shown below:

Step 3: Create new library in site content

Now since the list template is ready to use, lets create a new library / app from site content:

Note: If you are getting error saying list with title ShortPoint Dashboard already exist, you can create list with another name (for ex. ShortPoint SPFx Dashboard). It is absolutely fine to create app with another name.

That's it! Thank you for your attention!

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