Rolling back to ShortPoint Add-In modern is not required in any case.

Following are some of the reasons you might think rolling back to Add-in is the solution.

Possible Reasons and Solutions

There could be a few reasons we feel you might want to rollback, but rolling back will not solve anything.

Possible Reason
Problem with Migration from ShortPoint Add-in to SPFx
Any issue you face during the upgrade to ShortPoint SPFx, will not cause any data loss or break any of the pages you designed using ShortPoint.

The only issue you will face is that ShortPoint will not work on Modern pages but it will continue to work on classic normally.

We want to help you upgrade to ShortPoint SPFx.

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Unexpected behavior on Modern Pages
You faced the issue on modern SharePoint page after upgrading to ShortPoint SPFx.

First of all, have a look at ShortPoint SPFx Articles for solutions to your problems.

In any case, we are here to help with your modern experience

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An issue on Classic SharePoint Pages After UpgradeAfter you upgrade to ShortPoint SPFx, you can be sure that nothing has changed for classic SharePoint pages or existing designs. This upgrade will make ShortPoint works on modern SharePoint pages. That's it!

Thank you for you attention!