Present your Instagram posts nicely with the help of ShortPoint Tabs and Instagram Embed codes. Here is what you will achieve by the end of this article:

Step 1. Insert ShortPoint Tabs.

Open the page in Edit mode.

Insert a ShortPoint Section.

Insert ShortPoint Tabs inside of the Section.

Edit the Tabs to create titles for each slide. In this example, in the title of each Tab, we have used a calendar icon along with a date.

Step 2. Add Instagram Embed Codes.

Click inside the first tab and from the ribbon, choose Embed Code (Insert tab in the Ribbon).

Inside the popup, insert an embed code from Instagram. For a more detailed tutorial on where to search for an embed code, please click here.

Press OK.

Repeat with different Instagram posts for each of the tabs.

Step 3. Add a Script Editor to auto-rotate tabs.

Auto-rotating the Tabs will require a Script Editor. Please use this tutorial for reference.