If you cannot find a seattle.html file in the list of your master pages, but you would still want to use our nice modern preloader, this article is for you.


Please use this article only if all prerequisites are true.

Step 1. Download a copy of seattle.master master page.

  • Open Site Settings and choose Master Pages:

  • Highlight the seattle.master file and press Check Out on the top (Files tab should be open in the Ribbon):

  • After the page is refreshed, highlight the seattle.master file again, and click on the down-pointing arrow next to it. Choose Download from the drop-down list:

Step 2. Insert Preloader code.

  • Start with the ShortPoint Preloader code copied (part 1 of this article explains where to get it).
  • Open the downloaded file seattle.master file with a text editor of your choice, and paste the preloader code right after the <head runat="server"> HTML tag, as shown in the next recording:

  • Save the changes you made to the file.

Step 3. Upload the new Master Page to SharePoint.

  • Open the master pages list from Site Settings (just as we did in step 1).
  • On the top, click Upload:

  • Choose the seattle.master file you just modified. 
  • Make sure that Add as a new version to existing files is on
  • You can also put a comment to indicate that this is the master page version containing the ShortPoint preloader.
  • Click OK.

  • You will see a new dialog opened asking you to check in the file. Press Check In:

That's it! Now, you can enjoy your new beautiful preloader.

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