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ShortPoint Theme Builder and Modern SharePoint Pages

This article is deprecated. ShortPoint Theme Builder is available for both Classic and Modern SharePoint Pages!

Hello! Most likely, you are viewing this page now because you saw this message in ShortPoint Theme Builder:

Yes, ShortPoint Theme Builder does not work on Modern Pages in Modern Sites yet. It means that currently, you will see this message every time you open the Theme Builder in a Modern Page.

What can you do?

While ShortPoint Engineers are working on Theme Builder compatibility with Modern Pages, you are welcome to check the following workaround. 

It will still let you use Theme Builder on your home page and enjoy all of its amazing benefits.

Step 1: Create a Classic Page

  • Navigate to Site Contents.
  • Click Site Pages.
  • Click New. From the drop-down, choose Wiki Page.
  • Give a name for your new page and press Create:

Note: if you are on communication site and you noticed the New menu is missing, please follow this article to create wiki page in communication site.

Step 2. Fill the page with content

  • Fill the page with all the necessary content. In this example, I will use the ShortPoint Copy / Paste Feature to transfer all the elements I need.
  • Note: in the below animation, I check the page out before editing and check it back in afterwards. If SharePoint Publishing Feature is not enabled on your Modern Site, please skip this step. 

Step 3. Set the page as Home Page

  • Click the Page tab on the top.
  • Click Make Homepage.
  • Confirm the action by pressing OK.


ShortPoint Theme Builder is now available for the Modern Site home page. The Theme Builder panel on the left is fully functional:

Thank you for your attention!

You are welcome to check the related collections of articles on Theme Builderand on ShortPoint SPFx for Modern SharePoint.

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