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How to Prevent Users from Editing the SharePoint Page

This is a general article explaining how you, as an administrator of the SharePoint site, can prevent users from editing the  SharePoint wiki page.



  • You are the administrator of the SharePoint site where you want to perform this operation, or you have rights to manage / create custom permission levels in the SharePoint site.

There are two options to prevent users from editing SharePoint page: 

Option 1: Add users to visitors group

You can simply add the users to visitors group of the site and remove them from all other groups (like members / owners). This is the easiest way to achieve this requirement. 

Option 2: Create custom permission level

In some cases, simply adding users to a Visitors group is not enough. You might want to give them more rights but still you want to ensure they cannot edit the SharePoint Page. In such cases, you can create your own permission level and group as shown below.

Step 1: Create a custom permission level

Go to Site settings > Site permissions > Permission Levels > Read > Copy Permissions > Create new

Please ensure you don't select Edit items rights.

As seen above, we are copying all the permission of Read level, and we are adding a few on top of it!

Step 2: Create a new group from custom permission level and add users

Now we will create a new group from the custom permission level and add users to it as shown below:

You can add as many users as you want to that group. This way, you will ensure that the users don't edit the page while they still have enough rights to do their required work.

Thank you for your attention! 

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