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Further Tips to Improve SharePoint Page Performance

If you are experiencing a slow page performance on your SharePoint portal (with or without ShortPoint elements added to it), below are a few standard checks it is recommended to perform:

  • Identify if it's browser which is causing the slowness 

Many times we add many plugins in our regular browser, which makes the sites loading slow. The best way to catch it is to check the page load speed in other browsers and identify the problematic browser.

  • Check whether it is an issue with all sites or a particular site

To make sure whether it's a site-related or tenancy / farm-related problem, best would be to create a new site collection (if it's a farm - a new web application) to check whether it's an issue with a specific site only. This will narrow the scope of investigation.

  • Database connectivity

If it is a farm, you should check whether the connection to database is taking a long time.

  • Third party web parts

In many cases, we add third party web parts / add-ins or solutions to a page, which itself is connecting to other services, This can be the reason of the slow performance of pages. Try to remove each web part one by one and see if it is making difference in page speed.

  • Navigation

If your site is inheriting navigation from parent site and if the parent site is using structural navigation, this could be the reason for slowness. We recommend to break inheritance or using managed metadata navigation for better performance. 

  • Search

If you are using SharePoint Roll-up which brings content from different sites, in the back-end, it is using search queries, and this can result in poor page performance.

  • Web parts

Avoid using too many web parts on the page as it would result in too many back-end requests and can make page slow.

  • ShortPoint

If you are using ShortPoint for SharePoint Online and you are accessing it behind firewall, please ensure that there are no extra filters on Java scripts loading from domain that are causing delays in loading ShortPoint related elements.

  • Network Proxy and Firewall

If you have network proxy, it would be worth to check with the IT team whether it is blocking something, or the authentication in proxy is delaying your requests. Also, ensure that there is no IPS feature in your Firewall. 

  • Publishing Feature

Please use SharePoint Publishing feature only if its required. Publishing sites are slower than Team sites.

  • Content Delivery Networks (CDN)

In case you or any of the third party tool (web part, app, solution or theme) are using the assets such as CSS, images, JavaScript or any other document, make sure they are hosted on CDN. 

Other performance improvements:

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