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How to Hyperlink Your SharePoint Site Logo

By default, a SharePoint logo does not redirect the user anywhere upon clicking.  Moreover, making the logo clickable is not possible with SharePoint tools, and requires programming.

Fortunately, with ShortPoint Theme Builder, you can link your logo to any page inside or outside your organization.

Here's an example of how a user is redirected from the company's Legal Department page to the Home page of the company's intranet after they click the logo:

If you want to implement the same on your site, this article is for you.


Before we begin

  • You have ShortPoint installed on your SharePoint site(s).
  • You are a ShortPoint user with an active license.

Step 1. Open ShortPoint Theme Builder

  • In Office 365 and SharePoint 2019, please navigate to Site Contents > ShortPoint > Site Customizations > Customize my Site.
  • In SharePoint On-Premise 2013/2016, go to Site Settings > ShortPoint Dashboard > Site Customizations > Customize my Site.

Step 2. Navigate to the Logo Settings

In the Theme Builder, click Header > Logo:

Step 3. Assign the Link to the Logo

Copy the URL you would like the logo to redirect the users to.

Classic experience 
Modern experience
Paste to the Logo Custom Navigation Link fieldPaste to the Logo Link field

Additional options:

  1. Linking option
    • default - assigned link will open in the same browser tab;
    • new window - assigned link will open in a new browser tab.

  2. Logo Link Title. A text that will be displayed near the logo as a tooltip when the user hovers over the logo.

  3. Favicon. An image that will be displayed as an icon in the browser after the user is redirected to the assigned page.

  4. Logo Width. Control the logo width, by setting the value in pixels.

  5. Logo margin top. Control the logo top outer spacing (margin top), by setting the value in pixels.

  6. Logo margin bottom. Control the logo bottom outer spacing (margin bottom), by setting the value in pixels.

  7. Logo margin left. Control the logo left outer spacing (margin left), by setting the value in pixels.

  8. Logo margin right. Control the logo right outer spacing (margin right), by setting the value in pixels. 


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