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How to Increase the Items Limit of Connected ShortPoint Elements

You might be trying to connect a ShortPoint element to a SharePoint library/list, that contains too many items (more than 30), and wondering why you only see 30 items rendering using ShortPoint while the rest of the library items are not there? Why a connected list only shows 30 items? Well, we're here to explain that to you.


By default, SharePoint library/list views have a default setting of the Item Limit set to 30.

Solution 1

If you want to override the Item Limit only for a single connected ShortPoint element, you can do that from the Connect tab, by modifying the value of the Items Limit field as shown below.

Note 1: By default Items Limit field will have a value set to 0, which means it will return whatever the view we're connecting to, and will not attempt to override the Items Limit value returned by the view.

Note 2: If you modified the Item Limit inside the Modify View page, and also provided another value in the Items Limit field in the Connect Tab, the Items Limit inside the connect tab will override the value of the Item Limit of the view itself. ( e.g: In Modify View > Item Limit = 100, and in Connect tab > Items Limit = 50, then ShortPoint will render only 50 items )

Solution 2

You can change the value of the Item Limit field from the view itself, so that any ShortPoint element you will connect to this view will return your desired amount of items.

Step 1: Open the library > Modify View

Note: If you are on Office365, and your library does not have similar experience as in the screenshots, you need to click on Return to Classic SharePoint link at the bottom left corner of the screen.

Step 2: Change the Item Limit

Important: In case you have ShortPoint elements that are already connected to the view you are modifying, you need to get back to those ShortPoint elements, and click the Re-connect button from the connect tab.

Thank you for your attention.

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