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How to Pause the Tickers element

The Problem:

You want to pause your ticker element / disable the auto-loop/autoplay functionality on it, so it will not loop or tick to the next item until the user explicitly clicks on the next / previous button? then this article is for you.

The Solution:

Step 1: Add Class to the Tickers element

So we can reference it easily using JavaScript, if you have more than one ticker on the page, and you want to pause them all, add the exact same class to all of them.

I will use here my-paused-ticker as a class name

Step 2:  Add Script Editor Web Part

You can refer to the following article if you don't know how to add a Script Editor Web Part:

Step 3: Add the JavaScript code into the Web Part

Open the following link, copy all of its content, and paste it into the Embed dialog of the Script Editor Web Part

Save the page, and you're done!

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