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Known Issue: AADS90094 - Need Admin Approval

While granting Admin access to ShortPoint Power BI Graph APP, you get an error saying AADSTS900094: This application requires application permissions to another application. Consent for application permissions can only be performed by an administrator. Sign out and sign in as an administrator or contact one of your organization's administrator. as following:


ShortPoint Power BI Graph APP requires the grant to customer tenancy and that grant must be given by the tenancy Administrator. You will see the above error if you are not a tenancy Administrator.


Please ensure that you are logged in as an Administrator in your Azure AD tenancy. You can follow this Microsoft Article to grant administrative access to the user. 

Note: Granting to customer tenancy requires you to sign in as a user that is authorized to consent on behalf of the organization. This can either be as a Global Administrator or Privileged Role Administrator. These roles have Azure Active Directory access to grant to customer tenancy.

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