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How to Create a "Send an Email" Button

If you want the users to be able to contact any department or person in your organization easily, this article is for you.

As soon as the customer clicks on the button, an email app will open which will have the contact of the addressee automatically filled in. Just like in this animation:

send an email button sample



Interactive Tutorial

Follow the steps in this interactive tutorial to learn how to add a “Send an email” button on your SharePoint page.

The link details you need to add should follow this format:


    where you can replace the email address with your company or department email address.

Step-by-step Tutorial

Here are the steps on how to create a “Send an email” button:

Step 1: Edit the ShortPoint web part

  • Click the Edit button on the SharePoint page.

Edit the SharePoint page

  • Select the ShortPoint web part where you want to add the button.
  • Press the pencil icon to enter ShortPoint edit mode.

click pencil icon

Step 2: Insert a Button Design Element

  • Go to the space where you want to insert your “Send an email” button.
  • Click Add Design Element.

add design element

  • Choose Button from the Design Element options.

This will insert a generic Button Design Element and open its settings window.

Step 3: Modify Button Settings

  • In the Content tab, edit the Title of the button. In our example, we have named the button “Send an email”.
  • Go to the Link field and add the HTML mailto link with the following format:


 where you can replace the email address with your company or department email address.

  •  (Optional) Modify the design of the button in the Design tab.

modify button settings

Step 4: Apply changes and Save

  • Once complete, hit the green checkmark button to finalize your edits.
  • You can hit Preview to view your button on the page.
  • Remember to hit Save to implement all your changes.

Now you have a button that, when clicked, will automatically open a new email message with the correct email address already added.

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