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Creating a ShortPoint Date List Showing Upcoming Birthdays


  • If your environment is SharePoint 2013/2016 On-Premise, please make sure you have configured People Search as explained here.
  • If your environment is SharePoint Online, please set up birthday information as explained here.

This article explains how you can present the upcoming Birthdays list on your page using the People Search feature. All the further steps are the same both for SharePoint On-Premise and Online environments. Here is an example of what you will achieve by the end of this tutorial:

Step 1. Insert Date List Design Element.

Open a page in edit mode, choose a place to insert the Date List and open the Page Builder. Choose Dates List. Press Insert:

Step 2. Set Up the Connection.

Open the settings of the Date List you have just inserted and switch to Connect tab. There, please press the down arrow on in the Select a Connection field and choose People Search from the drop-down list:

Next, choose Upcoming Birthdays under Apply the Following Filter:

By default, after you have chosen Upcoming Birthdays, you will see that RefinableDate 18 will show up under Select Birthday Mapped Property. This is the recommended property (you can read more about it in the SharePoint Birthday configuration articles on our support portal). If you have mapped this field with another property, please choose it from the drop-down list. 

By default, the Number of days will be 7, so that the element will show the people whose birthdays come up during the coming week. You can change this to whatever number of days you want.

You can also limit the number of items to show up. After everything is done, please press Connect and wait until the button changes the color from green to red.

Step 3. Map the Fields.

To achieve a result shown in the beginning of this article, we made the following mapping: in the Title field, we have chosen Preferred Name property:

In the Subtitle field, we have chosen to display the Department:

Finally and most importantly, we have chosen Birthday without year property for the Date field:

Note: the items mapping is an example of what you can do. You have lots of other options to choose from, as well as map other fields to make the items clickable, add more information to description etc.

After everything is set up, press Insert. Save the page.

That's it! Here is what the result looks like:

Thank you for your attention. 

Please feel free to contact us with questions or suggestions related to this article.

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