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Known Issue: Power BI "Your Email or Password Is Incorrect. Please Try Again."


You try to connect your Power BI master account, but after adding the username and password you get this error:

"Your email or password is incorrect. Please try again."

In Integrations page > Power BI connect tile, while adding a Power BI Master Account username & password you may get an error saying Your email or password is incorrect. Please try again.

Reasons and Solutions


Invalid or expired username and/or password

While this seems to be an obvious issue, in many cases we noticed due to keyboard settings some characters of the password are written wrongly which result into ShortPoint not able to connect to Power BI service. Also, this could be because the password might be expired.  


We recommend you to try the master account username & password first by logging into Power BI and make sure they are correct.

different tenancy used to connect Microsoft Graph app

This error might also come when you have granted access to non-Power BI tenancy. Which means the Power BI user you are trying to add in Power BI Master Account is not from the tenancy you have granted in Microsoft Graph tile as pointed below;


Please click on Reconnect button in Microsoft Graph and connect with a username & password from the same tenancy where the master account it. You may login with same Power BI Master username and password too if that account is tenant administrator.

Master account using different authentication method then cloud one

At present, ShortPoint only supports a cloud-based authentication for Power BI Master account. So if your master account is configured with any other authentication like ADFS, AAD Connect (with AD) or any third party authentication provider, ShortPoint will not be able to authenticate with Power BI and it will result in Your email or password is incorrect. Please try again error.


You will need to ensure that the user provided in Power BI Master Account is using cloud-based authentication. If you don't have a user with cloud authentication, you can create one using these steps;

1. Sign in to your Office 365 and click Admin;

2. Click on Add a user in Active users section and create a user with Power BI Pro license

3. You need to ensure that the user has been granted Admin rights on the Power BI workspaces you want to fetch data from.

That's it! You should now try putting this username and password in Power BI Connect integration.

Password contains special characterIf the master account password contains plus sign (+), please ensure to change the password and remove it. This is known issue and will be fixed in further release. 

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