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Switching Between Logged in User Option to Power BI Embedded Option

This is article is for you if following is yes for you:

  • A Power BI ShortPoint added already in your page with Logged in User option
  • You have newly configured Power BI Embedded option
  • You want to render Power BI reports of existing Power BI ShortPoint with new Power BI embedded option instead of Logged In user configured in step 1 above

To switch existing Power BI ShortPoint to use Embedded option, navigate to the page where you have added Power BI ShortPoint. In Edit mode click on settings for the Power BI ShortPoint which you want to update and disable Use Logged In User Rights (Please note, in SharePoint On-premise this option is called Ask for Login) and click on Update. Save the page to commit your changes.

That's it!

Now the Power BI ShortPoint will use Embedded Token instead of Logged in user rights and will never ask for viewers to login!

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