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Power BI Integration Option 1: User-based License Integration

In this article, we demonstrate how to integrate Power BI dashboards and reports if you have a user-based license (Power BI Pro or Premium Per User).


Using a user-based license is one of the two options for integrating Power BI dashboards and reports using ShortPoint. Select this option if you have a Power BI Pro or Premium Per User license and plan to integrate a report that will be viewed by individual users who also hold the same Power BI licenses.

In this option, visitors to your site must log in with their Power BI Pro or Premium Per User accounts to view your report. A visitor who does not have a license will not be able to view the Power BI content on your SharePoint page.

Please note that each logged-in session is limited to one hour. Users must re-enter their credentials to continue viewing the Power BI report.

Note: If you or your organization have a Power BI Embedded license, please check out our support article on Power BI Integration Option 2: Capacity-based License Integration instead.



  • You have the latest ShortPoint SPFx version installed on your SharePoint environment.
  • You are a ShortPoint Designer with an active license.
  • You have an active Power BI Pro or Premium per user license and you have a Power BI asset you want to insert into your SharePoint page.
  • The users who will view your reports also have the appropriate Power BI licenses and/or permissions.

How to integrate Power BI data visualizations using ShortPoint

Follow these detailed steps to integrate a Power BI report into your SharePoint page:

Step 1: Edit the ShortPoint web part

  • Click the Edit button on the SharePoint page where you want to insert your Power BI report.

Edit the SharePoint page

  • Select the ShortPoint web part and enter edit mode by clicking the pencil icon.

edit the ShortPoint web part

Step 2: Insert Power BI Design Element

  • The Power BI Design Element is currently accessible only in Grid Mode. Click the Switch to Grid Mode button on the Action Toolbar.

switch to Grid Mode

  • Navigate to the space where you want to add your Power BI report.
  • Press the Add Design Element plus icon. This will open the selection of ShortPoint Design Elements.
  • Scroll down or search for Power BI and select it.

add power BI design element

Step 3: Enter Power BI credentials

  • Under Option 1: User-based License, hit Connect.
  • Enter your Power BI Pro or Premium per user credentials. We will cache the login details for up to 60 minutes. You will have to sign in again with the same credentials (or with a user having equivalent rights on the selected report) if you want to make further changes.

Choose option 1

Step 4: Select Power BI asset you want to insert

Once authentication is successful, you will be asked to fill out fields that will identify the asset you want to embed into your SharePoint page

  • Select the workspace where your Power BI asset is located.
  • Choose the asset from the What do you want to show? dropdown and complete other required fields.

insert power bi report

Step 5: Insert and save

  • Click Insert to apply your changes.
  • Hit Save on the Action Toolbar. You can now Preview your page to see what the Power BI integration looks like.
  • Finally, Republish the page.

With the User-based License rights option, users will have to sign in with a valid Power BI Pro account to see the report. If you want to avoid login each time, please check the Capacity-based License option.

Here is an example of a Power BI dashboard on your SharePoint page:

power bi report

That's it! You now know how to embed a Power BI asset to your SharePoint page.

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