While there are no weather widget elements in the ShortPoint Page Builder (yet), you can easily embed a weather report (or forecast) into your page by using the SharePoint Script Editor web part. You can insert a script editor into your page among ShortPoint elements and other web parts. 

Before we start:

This tutorial works with Classic SharePoint pages.

Step 1: Insert a Script Editor Web Part.

In the Edit mode, choose the Insert tab. Click Web Part. A menu will appear. Please choose Media and Content under "Categories". Then choose Script Editor under "Parts":


Step 2: Search for a Weather Widget Embed Code.

Now, you can search for a weather widget on the internet. We like this one. You need to set up your widget and retrieve an embed code generated for you:

Step 3: Insert Weather Widget Embed Code.

In the inserted Content Editor, please click EDIT SNIPPET.


Next, please paste the code you retrieved in Step 2 into the script editor, press OK to save the changes and switch to render mode. 

This is how our result looks like on a page:

Here is another example: the  Script Editor web part with weather is inserted into ShortPoint row with 1/2 : 1/2 layout:

That's it!