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How to Resize an Individual Tile

Sometimes, when using Tiles design element, there is a need to change the size of one tile only. Like, for example, in this case:

Resizing one of the tiles in the second row would make the layout more balanced and visually appealing:

So, let's start.

The solution will be different depending on whether the ShortPoint Connect Feature us activated in your Tiles.

Solution 1: Simple (not Connected) Tiles

1) Please open the settings of your Tiles element, switch to Tiles tab and choose the tile you want to modify.

2) Scroll down to find the feature Enable Custom Settings. Switch it on. You will see a lot of new options available.

3) Scroll down to Width field (under Custom Size section) and indicate a number there. It will be the width of the tile in pixels, but please do not indicate any measurement units. If you are using the default settings, 326 pixels by width is perfect for making one tile as wide as two. But this size may vary depending on your layout, so please choose a number that is good for you.

Then, simply press Update, and it's ready.

Solution 2: Tiles with Connect Feature Active

If you are using the Connect feature  in your Tiles element, the process is different, because you cannot modify individual tiles in the Tiles tab.

In this case, you can set a custom width for one of the Tiles by adding a column to your SharePoint list which is the source of connection. 

1) Add a column of the Number type and name it Width. Set values for each item. ShortPoint will read these values as width in pixels (no need to add any measurement units). Please note that he default size of a ShortPoint tile is 160x160 px. Here's how a basic SharePoint list with width values would look like:

2) Reconnect the Tiles element with the list you just modified.

3) Map the fields accordingly. To map the Width column, open the Tiles tab in the element settings, turn on the Enable Custom Settings option, scroll down and connect the Width field with the Width column like this:

Press update and save the page. Ready!

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