If you would like to make a carousel that will display only text, like the one shown below, this tutorial is for you.


Step 1

Please insert an Image Carousel element, switch to Items tab and fill in the Title and Description fields with the required content. Also, please include a link to an image. You can use any images as they will still be hidden, it is just a mandatory field that needs to be filled in with some information. You can also include a hyperlink into the Link field to make the carousel items redirect the user to a certain page after they click them. 

Step 2

In the Custom CSS tab, please insert the following code by copying it from here and pasting:

.shortpoint-image-carousel-bg {
    display: none

Step 3

We have also turned on the Show Border option in the Settings tab to make everything look a little more organized. But this is completely optional and up to you. 

That's it!

Thank you for your attention.