ShortPoint Theme Builder offers you a variety of features to experiment with. One of them is modifying the header of your website. With custom fonts, colors, margins and paddings, backgrounds and an option to hide or show certain elements, you can make your site header stand out and be convenient and beautiful at the same time.

In this article, we would like to tell you more about header customization, and we will take our Demos Website header as an example. Here it is:

To modify the look of the header, please, open the Theme Builder (Site Contents / Site Settings > ShortPoint > Theme Builder > Customize my Site).

Step 1

Navigate to Header > General Layout

Enable Full width header, Header shadow and set the preferred depth of the shadow (we have chosen level 3).

Step 2

Return to the main Theme Builder menu. 

Choose General Settings > Elements > All Sites (or choose the scope you prefer, for example, only Home Page).

Enable the following options: Focus Mode, Hide Site Info, Hide Logo, Hide Search.

Step 3

Go back to the main Theme Builder menu and choose Header > Paddings and margins. 

Set the following parameters:

  • Header margin top: 31px;
  • Header margin bottom: 30px;
  • Header margin left: 28px.

Step 4

Return to the main Theme Builder menu again and choose Menus > General Layout

Under Menu Alignment choose Center.

Step 5

Finally, return to Menus > Backgrounds and Colors and set up a menu hover color:

That's it! Don't forget to click Publish to save your changes.