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How to Publish a Theme in All Sites in a Site Collection, and Customize it on a Subsite

If you have a theme applied to your Site Collection and want to provide a different theme/experience on one of your subsites, then this article is for you.


Before we begin (ShortPoint SPFx)

Note: If you are using SharePoint On-Premise 2013 or 2016, you can skip this section.

Part 1: ShortPoint installed on entire Site Collection

If you are using ShortPoint SPFx, this article assumes that you already have ShortPoint installed on the entire site collection.

To verify this:

  1. Go to the root of your site collection > Site Contents > ShortPoint Dashboard.
  2. You should see "Installed on entire Site Collection" next to the ShortPoint version in your Dashboard (check the screenshot below):

Part 2: Add & install ShortPoint on the subsite

Go to the subsite that you wish to have a different theme applied on, and do the following:

  1. Open the Settings by clicking the cog wheel icon and choose Add an app:

  2.  Under Apps you can add choose ShortPoint SPFx from the given options:

  3. ShortPoint app is now added to the Site Contents. Click ShortPoint SPFx - Install Now! to open the ShortPoint Dashboard:

   4. Open the Installation page: 

  5. And click Install:

When the installation is completed, you will see a success message in  green :

Before we begin (ShortPoint On-Premise 2013 / On-Premise 2016)

We assume that you have installed ShortPoint without touching any ShortPoint feature on either Site collection level or on the subsite level:

  • If you go to your root site > Site Settings > Site collection features, you should see ShortPoint feature active.
  • If you go to the subsite that you wish to have a different theme on and navigate to the Site Settings > Manage site features, you should see ShortPoint feature inactive.

Step 1: Open ShortPoint Theme Builder on the subsite

On your subsite go to Site settings/Site contents > ShortPoint Dashboard.

Open Theme Builder:

Step 2: Stop the Inheritance

In the opened page you will see a warning message telling you that the site is inheriting settings from the parent site.

To make the customizations on the subsite possible, click Stop inherit settings:

In the open modal click OK to confirm your decision:

Step 3: Customize your subsite

Now Customize my site button becomes active. It means that the theme applied on the parent site is no longer inherited by the current subsite.

To set a different theme for this subsite, click Customize my site and start doing your customizations:

That's it! Happy customizing!

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