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How to Conviniently Present Announcements on Your Page

In this article, we will demonstrate how you can conveniently display your announcements by introducing simple sorting features.

In our example, we will present the announcements for each company department in different tabs. The final result will look like this:

You need to use the Tabs element and create different views for your announcements list to present them in every separate tab.


Open your announcement list in SharePoint and click Create View on the top (in the List tab): 



Select Standard View. Name your view. We recommend using the department title in the corresponding view for convenience:



Scroll down to the "Filters" section. Choose "Show items only when the following is true". Then, choose the Department column. Finally, indicate the name of the department you want this view to be dedicated to. In our case, this is IT. Please make sure to type in the exact name of the department the way it is indicated in your list. Then, press OK to save all the changes you made.



After the list view was saved, you should see that it displays only the announcements relevant to the IT department:



Repeat steps 1 to 4 to create a separate list view for each department.


Time to use ShortPoint and connect your list views to the appropriate tabs. Go to the page you want your announcements to be displayed in and open it in the EDIT mode.

Please insert the Tabs element. In its settings, in the Tabs tab, please create a tab for each department as shown in the animation below. Create as many tabs as you need. Press Insert



Now, insert a Simple List into the first tab. In the Connect tab, choose the location of your announcement list. Make sure to choose the corresponding list view. Press Connect. In the Items tab, please indicate the Title and the Link fields as shown in the animation below. Press Insert.



 Please repeat step 7 for all of the tabs, choosing appropriate list views for each. After all changes are made, please save the page.

Here is how the result should look like in render mode:

Note: the same solution can be applied to other ShortPoint elements of your preference, for example, Tickers, Icon Lists etc.

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