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How to Display Blog Posts on Your Page

You can display blog posts from your blog on a page using ShortPoint design elements. Here is an example:


Please visit our Demos Website to see how blogposts are presented in a page:

To create a blog and display it on your site using ShortPoint, please complete the following steps:

1) Create a new blog subsite in SharePoint. Create new posts and add them to your blog. In order to display image thumbnails, please add a new column to the Posts Library which will store the URLs of the images you would like to use for every post:



2) On our Demos Website, open the blog template you are interested in. In our example, we are using the element found here:

3) At the top of the page, you will see a bar which will allow you to copy elements. Please turn on the  Allow to copy single ShortPoint feature as shown below:


4) Hover over the element you want to copy and click Copy, as shown here: 


5) Open the page in which you would like to display your blog posts. Switch to edit mode. 


6) Paste the copied section into your page. Now, you can start setting up the elements. You can do this by pressing on the cogwheel of the corresponding element:




7) You may open the Tabs Settings first in order to rename your tabs or change the number of them if required.


8) Next, please open the Image List settings and clear the information contained here. Open the Connect tab:




There are several fields that need to be filled in. First, you need to choose the connection type you would like to use. Please click an arrow on the right to open a drop-down list, where you will find multiple suggestions. We have created our blog on a subsite, this is why we have chosen Other Sites:



Next, you need to choose the Site Collection. A blog subsite we created is a part of the current site collection, so we have chosen the first option. Please choose an option that is right for you.



Afterwards, please choose the site which contains your Posts Library. As you can see, the subsites are listed after a slash, next to the site title. In our case, the name of the subsite is New Blog.



Now, please select the Post Library you want to use. By default, the Post Library in SharePoint blog sites is called Posts:




Finally, you need to select the preferred view of the library. We wanted to use the All Posts view:




You can also limit the number of items that will be shown on the page. By default, all items will be shown. We wanted to display only 5 items, so this is what we indicated in the field. Then, please press Connect:



9) Switch to Items tab. By clicking the chain icon on the right, you will open the drop-down menu. Please choose which information you would like to be displayed on the page. In our example, we have chosen to display the title, the author of the blog post, and the date of publication. Our Posts Library contains a separate column for images, therefore we selected Image URL in the field Image. After everything is ready, press Update.




11) If you would like to display different types of posts in different tabs, please set up different list views for your Post Library and select them during the process of connection.


10) Here is what the result looks like in our example:




Thank you for your attention!

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