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How to Get the Right Coordinates for Your Map

The ShortPoint Map Design Element allows you to integrate a Google Map pointing to a specific location into your SharePoint page. It requires you to input the exact coordinates of the location you want to display, its Longitude and Latitude. We will show you how to get these coordinates and how to add it to your Map Design Element in this article.



  • You have the latest version of ShortPoint SPFx installed on your SharePoint environment.
  • You are a ShortPoint Designer with an active license.
  • You have added a Map Design Element to your page.

Step-by-step Tutorial

To get the correct coordinates of the location you want to present, follow these steps:

Step 1: Open Google Maps and search for your location

  • On your browser, open Google Maps
  • Search for the location you want to display on your page

Search Google Maps

Step 2: Copy the coordinates

  • Right-click on the red pin icon.
  • Click the numbers at the top of the dropdown menu to copy it. These are the exact coordinates of the location.
  • Paste it into a notepad.

Copy and paste coordinates

The first set of numbers is the Latitude and the second is the Longitude. So, in our example, we copied:

40.707137228775686, -74.01123321683573

Latitude is 40.707137228775686

Longitude is -74.01123321683573

Step 3: Edit ShortPoint web part

Now, let’s enter these coordinates into the Map Design Element.

  • Edit your SharePoint page.
  • Select the ShortPoint web part and click the pencil icon to enter edit mode.

Step 4: Add coordinates to the Map Design Element

  • Navigate to the Map Design Element.
  • Click the cogwheel icon to open the settings window.
  • Enter the appropriate Latitude and Longitude coordinates in the Content tab.
  • (Optional) Make adjustments to the height, width, and zoom values of the Design Element and add the pin marker in the Design tab.

Enter coordinates

Step 5: Apply changes and save

  • Press the green checkmark button to apply changes.
  • Hit Save.

Your Map Design Element now shows the exact location you want to present on your page.

result with map design element

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