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How to Embed Third Party Videos into Your Page

At the moment, ShortPoint supports embedding videos hosted on YouTube and Vimeo only. There are special design elements for these types of video content.

 Nevertheless, you can insert videos hosted on other resources as web parts. In this example, we will use a video from one of the popular hostings, Bright Cove. Here are the steps:

1) In the Edit mode, choose the Insert tab. Click Web Part. A menu will appear. Please choose Media and Content under "Categories". Then choose Script Editor under "Parts".


2) In the inserted Script Editor, please click EDIT SNIPPET.


3) Paste the embed code into the opened dialogue window and press Insert. Save the changes made on the page.


4) In the Render Mode, your video will look like this:


Please contact us if you have any questions or suggestions. Many thanks!

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