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Connected to a SharePoint List: Show New Items at Top

This article is for you if you have a ShortPoint element that is connected to a SharePoint list, and you want to have newly created items to always appear at first (sorted by date).


Suppose that we have a list called News, and we have a Simples list that is connected to this News list, see the following image,

Everything looks almost good, but if you pay a close attention to the dates of the items, you will see that the oldest item is shown at the top, and the most recent item is shown at the bottom (does not seem right, does it?)

The correct scenario would be that most recent news item should be at the very top, and then older items will follow, let us see how we can fix this.


We need to modify the view of the list that we are connecting to, so that it will sort the items by date in ascending order.

Step 1: Open the View

Edit the connected ShortPoint item, navigate to the Connect tab, and click on the view link

It will take us to the same SharePoint list & view we are connecting to.

Step 2: Modify the View

Click on List ribbon tab, then on Modify View button

Step 3: Sort

View Edit mode page will open, scroll down until you reach the Sort category,

  1. Update the "First sort by the column" drop-down, and choose the Modified column
  2. Check the "Show items in descending order"
  3. Then scroll up to the top of the page and click on OK

Step 4: Reconnect

Because the view we're connecting to has some changes, you need to inform ShortPoint about this change.

Get back, edit the page and edit your Connected ShortPoint item, navigate to the Connect tab, and click on the Reconnect button

Finally, save the page, and you are done!

Final Result

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