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Remove Hidden Web Parts from the Page (Classic Experience)

If a Web Part was incorrectly deleted from the page, it would not be removed entirely. The Web Part could still have some resources running on the page that might increase the page loading time.

This article will discuss why you may have hidden Web Parts on your page,  how to check if you have hidden Web Parts, and how to delete Web Parts properly.

NOTE: This article is for the SharePoint Classic Experience only. If you are using the SharePoint Modern Experience, you may proceed to Step 5: Further Tips to Improve SharePoint Page Performance.



  • You must be using the SharePoint Classic Experience.
  • You must be a ShortPoint Designer with an active License.

Why are there hidden Web Parts?

There are two reasons why you may have hidden Web Parts on your page:

One is that you deleted a ShortPoint Design Element that contains a Web Part.

panel with a web part

Another is that you deleted the Web Part using the Edit Source button from SharePoint.

Edit Source

How to check hidden Web Parts?

Follow the steps below to learn how to check if your SharePoint page has any hidden Web Parts:

Step 1. Check the number of Web Parts on the page

Edit the page and count the total number of Web Parts that the page has.

For example, the following page in edit mode shows two Web Parts (Events & Documents):

sample page with Web Parts

Step 2. Open Web Part Maintenance mode

Add ?Contents=1 at the end of the page URL and hit Enter to open the Web Part Page Maintenance Mode:


Step 3. Detect Hidden Web Parts

Once the Web Part Page Maintenance Mode is opened, it will show you a list of all Web Parts running on the page, including those that you do not see (Hidden Web Parts).

Our sample page, which only has two Web Parts in edit mode, has a total of 3 Web Parts (2 Documents and 1 Event). This means that we have 1 extra Documents Web Part that is hidden:

Web Part Page Maintenance

Step 4: Delete Hidden Web Parts

Select the hidden Web Parts and click Delete.

In our example, we see two Documents Web Parts. Since we do not know which one is the hidden Web Part that needs to be removed, we will select them both and delete them. 


Then, click Go Back to Web Part Page to add the Documents Web Part back:

Go Back to Web Part Page

How to delete a Web Part from your page?

Follow the steps below to learn how to delete a Web Part:

Step 1: Activate the Web Part

Click the title of the Web Part to activate it. Once you do this, you will see the WEB PART tab at the top of your page:

Web Part tab

Step 2: Delete the Web Part

Navigate to the WEB PART Tab and click Delete:


That’s it! You now know how to check hidden Web Parts and how to properly remove Web Parts from your page.

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