The Problem:

If you have a ShortPoint on the page that is connected, it means that ShortPoint engine will try to read the information from the connected source every time you load the page, which will affect page loading time.

The Solution:

All kinds of connected ShortPoint elements have an option to enable caching on them, which means ShortPoint will attempt to read the information from the connected source only the first time you load the page, after that this information will be kept in the browser local storage ( cached ) for a specific amount of time.

To enable caching on any given ShortPoint element, you have to:

  1. edit the ShortPoint element and navigate to the Connect tab
  2. Scroll down to the Performance and Caching category
  3. Toggle on the Enable Cache option
  4. Specify the maximum number of hours that this information should be kept in the browser storage by updating the "Automatically clear the cache every" field ( e.g: set it to 24 hours, if the connected source's data is expected to change everyday )

Note: If you do not specify any value in the "Automatically clear the cache every" field, it means that your connected data will be cached forever ( unless you clear the cache from the ShortPoint Dashboard page ( more on next section )

Forcing Cached Data to be cleared

Lets say that your connected data source has some new updates, and you already have a ShortPoint that is connected to this source with caching enabled, but you do not want to wait until the cached data to expire, and instead you want the new data to be displayed on the site immediately, 

To solve this you can simply go to the ShortPoint Dashboard ( Site Settings > ShortPoint Dashboard  > and click on the Performance Tile )

And then click on the Clear the Cache button

This button will force ShortPoint to clear all cached connected information everywhere.

Below a list of checkpoints, go through them all, to get the best possible ShortPoint experience:

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