Before we begin

This solution works only for Classic experience sites. If you have Modern pages designed with ShortPoint Web Part, it will not work because all the ShortPoint Elements will be hidden from pages.

When you add ShortPoint to SharePoint App Catalog, all users with right site permissions will see ShortPoint app when they try to add a new app to the site.

Although you can control who can use ShortPoint, some companies want to control that.

After you have added ShortPoint to your site or site collection, you can hide it and prevent others from adding it to other sites and site collections by doing the following steps.

You can hide ShortPoint App by following these steps

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Detailed Steps:

  1. Open App Catalog.
  2. Then Apps for SharePoint.
  3. There you should find ShortPoint app has been uploaded.
  4. Click the app, then edit properties.

Scroll all the way down, and remove the check box from Enabled:

Click Save.

That's it. Users will not be able to see ShortPoint App from the entire tenant.