Usually, when using ShortPoint to be a container for SharePoint and Office365 Web Parts, the built-in title for the Web Part will no longer be needed, since ShortPoint containers (such as panels), can have a better-looking title for your Web Parts, so how can we hide this built-in Web Part title?


You can hide the built-in Web Part title, by following these steps:

Step 1: Edit the Web Part

Click on the down arrow that appears on the right side of the Web Part, then "Edit Web Part" as shown in the next image.

Step 2: Change Web Part properties

After you clicked the Edit Web Part, a Web Part properties panel will appear on the right side of your page,

Expand the "Appearance" toggle item, change "Chrome Type" into "None"

And then Click "OK".

Step 3: Save the page

Once you save the page, you will see that your Web Part will no longer have that built-in title shown.